Kindle Reader Features

Kindle Reader Features

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The Kindle might be the latest (and many think the best) piece of technology to impact on our lives in the last couple of years, but it is still following in the age old tradition of new gadgets and gizmos, Kindles are getting smaller, they’re getting cheaper, and they just keep on getting better (remember the tape machines of the 80’s?)

All New Kindle Reader

Yes folks, the all new Kindle reader is smaller, it’s lighter, it’s faster and has 50% better contrast (so you can read it easier). Told you it just got better didn’t I?

So, the Kindle is already the best selling item for the last two years on the trot and now it’s even better, more people buy them and more people wish they could than any other product on Amazon, that’s impressive.

So what makes the Kindle so special? Let’s take a look at some of the features of the latest Kindle Reader:

  • Read your new Kindle in bright sunlight – there’s no glare
  • Fonts are new and improved – crisper and darker
  • Design is sleek – how about this, the body is 21% smaller but it still has the same size reading area (6″) – that’s clever
  • Lighter – yes, it’s 17% lighter (can make a big difference if you get engrossed in a good book), it actually weighs only 241 grams, which is less than a paperback
  • Long Battery Life – a single charge can last up to one month with the wireless off
  • Increased storage – double the storage means that you can store 3,500 books on your new Kindle. How can you possibly read all those in a couple of weeks vacation?
  • Wi-Fi – the all new Kindle has built in WiFi, so you can be connected either home or away
  • Quick downloads – you can download books anytime, from anywhere, within around 60 seconds
  • Page turning – it even turns the pages for you faster by up to 20% for a seamless reading experience
  • PDF reader – the new Kindle has a dictionary to look up those words you don’t quite understand, and you can also make notes and highlights
  • WebKit based browser – there is an experimental WiFi browser, exciting stuff I’m sure you’ll agree.

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